3 Useful Nutrition Facts about Microwaved Food

The microwave is present in almost all households. This is due to the fact that it helps prepare food faster than any other cooking appliance out there. But with so many rumors surrounding this cooking appliance, people can be easily discouraged from using it. Instead of basing your decision of consuming or not consuming microwaved foods on rumors, base it on the facts that we will make you aware of in the following lines. Here we will present you with 3 useful nutrition facts about microwaved food, making you better understand the importance of using this cooking appliance when you prepare your food.

1. Thiamin and vitamin C are better preserved in microwaved food

Both thiamin and vitamin C are important nutrients that are found in foods like meat and vegetables. But in order for these nutrients to be preserved and for your body to benefit from their amazing capabilities, you have to use the correct cooking method. The foods that are rich in these two nutrients are usually heat sensitive and water sensitive. This means that preparing them using any other cooking method except for microwaving will encourage the loss of the nutrients. After all, the microwave is the fastest cooking appliance, preparing meals in less than half the time it takes with any other cooking appliance. Therefore, if you want to provide your body with a high intake of thiamin and vitamin C, make sure that you consume microwaved food.

2. Increased amounts of lycopene in tomatoes that are microwaved

Another important nutrient for our health is lycopene. This nutrient is found in tomatoes, being best to prepare them with water in order to increase the amounts of lycopene found in tomatoes. For you to take the most out of tomatoes when you cook them, add a small amount of water in the microwave safe dish or bowl that you use before adding the tomatoes. This way, you will be able to prepare the tomatoes in only a couple of minutes, and their nutritional value will be dramatically increased as well.

3. Easier digestion

When digestion is slowed down, a lot of nutrients are lost. In order to extract more nutrients from food through the process of digestion, you have to use a cooking method that breaks down the proteins and weakens the cell walls. The ideal cooking method to go with is microwaving, of course. The high temperature that it exposes the food to, and the short period of time that it requires to properly prepare the food are what make the microwave ideal for making food in order to have an easier digestion.