Can Alkaline Water Prevent Cancer?

Alkaline water is said to have many health benefits that promote it as a great type of water able to prevent many diseases and improve the overall health condition. Among all the health benefits of alkaline water, the cancer prevention seems like the most important that arouses the interest of people of all ages. To decide whether or not this is a hoax, let’s have a look at the properties of alkaline water and its effects on the human body.

Alkaline water is a great antioxidant

One detail that sustains the theory of alkaline water preventing cancer is the great antioxidant properties of this type of water, along with the negative ORP value that neutralizes the acid in your body. The water molecules in your body are grouped in clusters that reach into your issues an d promote the oxygenation of the cells. Regular water clusters are very big so they can’t penetrate deep into the tissues but alkaline water clusters are smaller so the oxygenation is improved. This means that more water gets into your body and eliminates toxic waste while adding more oxygen to the cells. By neutralizing the acids and free radicals and offering more oxygen molecules, alkaline water can slow the growth of cancer cells or kill them.

Acidic waste is removed with alkaline water

Another argument to convince you of the efficiency of alkaline water in fighting cancer is the fact that cancer cells don’t resist in an alkaline environment. As your blood becomes more acidic, the excess acidic waste in your body needs to be deposited somewhere and some cells become malignant, which means they are resistant to the acid and can develop cancer. The alkaline water reduces the acidic environment in your body and creates an alkaline environment that is not proper for cancer cells. The de-acidifying effect of alkaline water on your body also aids in the chemotherapy treatment as the acidic environment is eliminated and your body is more responsive to the treatment.

Use a water ionizer to obtain alkaline water

Before you start drinking alkaline water, it must be clear for you that it should not be a substitute for any medical treatment but only an additional way to protect your body from cancer. Many studies have shown that alkaline water can prevent damage of the body cells yet, no real treatment has been developed. However, alkaline water obtained with a water ionizer can serve in protecting the cells in your body. The water ionizer can offer you alkaline water at home so you can easily enjoy its benefit without having to purchase ionized water.