Heat Exhaustion Symptoms and Treatment

Summer is definitely the most beautiful season of all. Due to the high temperatures, it is essential that we protect ourselves as well as we can, in order to avoid having serious health problems. In order to know what to do if you are in a situation like this, take a look at the following heat exhaustion symptoms and treatment.


If you stay outdoors for a very long period of time when the temperatures go up, then you will probably deal with heat exhaustion. How do you know you are in a similar situation? There are some symptoms that will tell you to go indoors and take care of your health. Therefore, if you feel confusion, dizziness, fatigue, rapid heartbeat, strong headache, and muscle or abdominal cramps, then you definitely deal with heat exhaustion. Furthermore, you certainly deal with the same problem if you have a very pale skin, diarrhea, and a very dark-colored urine, which is actually a sign of dehydration. All these symptoms need to be seriously taken into account, and it is important to immediately to see a doctor.


The first thing you need to do when you deal with heat exhaustion is to drink plenty of water. You must avoid caffeine and alcohol. Another important thing you need to do is to remove any tight clothing. Take a cool shower and make sure you wear proper clothes at all times. Cotton is the most recommended fabric, as it will not attract heat, and it will make you feel ultra comfortable. If you have a tower fan in your home, then this would be perfect as it will provide you a very relaxing and pleasant breeze. If all these measures fail, then you need to see a doctor, because a health condition like this left untreated will lead to heat stroke. However, the best thing you can do in order to protect your health is to avoid staying outdoors for long periods of time, or in case you need to do that you must stay properly hydrated and wear the right clothes at all times. It is essential that people are well informed regarding the heat exhaustion symptoms and treatment as well, in order to know what’s best to do if they ever find themselves in a similar situation.