Hot Tub Health Risks

Relaxing in a hot tub after a long day seems like the most relaxing thing to do and you would have never thought of it as of a bad thing. However, we must tell you that your oasis of relaxation can actually hide some serious health risks that could spoil your fun and make you never want to use the hot tub again. The only way you can avoid all these health problems is by keeping your hot tub very clean and limit the people that use it. Let’s have a look at some hot tub health risks to see just how harmful it can be.

Hot tub rash

This skin condition is actually a dermatitis called Pseudomonas dermatitis that is caused by the germ Pseudomona aeruginosa that can be found in the hot tub. This skin condition manifests as a skin infection with itchiness, a red rash, and pus-filled blisters and the symptoms usually go away in a few days. The best way to prevent this and any other skin problem is to keep the hot tub very clean, shower after using it, and washing your swimsuit.

Shigellosis and E. coli infestation

Another health risk is related to two germs that thrive in poorly-cleaned hot tubs, namely Shigellosis and E.Coli, and that can cause fever, stomach pain, and diarrhea. These germs can be usually contracted from drinking contaminated water so you better be careful and not swallow water while in the hot tub.


A very serious health risk of hot tubs is a type of pneumonia that is caused by the germ Legionella that can be inhaled from the steam of hot tubs. If your hot tub contains that germ, you could experience headaches, fever, chills, and muscular pain, common symptoms of the flu. By the second day, you will start coughing coughing with mucus or blood, and you will breathe heavily.

Bodily fluids irritations

We hate to drop this to you, but you should know that people often urinate in the water and hot tubs don’t differ much. The mix of urine with the chlorine in the water results in chloramine that is highly dangerous and an cause eye irritation and coughing.