How to Avoid Hair Damage from Hair Styling Tools

Styling your hair makes it look nice and enables you to have curly, wavy, or straight hair anytime you want and regardless what type of hair you natural hair is. Unfortunately, using hair styling tools also has a bad side due to the high heat they use that can seriously damage your hair. To help you have styled hair while keeping it healthy, here is some advice on how to avoid hair damage from hair styling tools.

Limit the use of hair styling tools

Unless you need to style your hair every day, it’s best to limit the use of hair styling tools to the occasions that really require you to use devices like flat irons and curlers. Excessive use on your hair can cause irreparable damage and will eventually lead to you having to cut your hair to help it recover. It’s best to style your hair only when it is mandatory in order to prevent hair damage.

Use only quality hair styling tools

An important detail to take into account when using a hair styling tool is to make sure you only use quality products that take good care of your hair. Instead of using an old flat iron with low-quality plates that damage your hair, opt for the latest versions that combine advanced technologies like tourmaline-infused ceramic plates that naturally lock the moisture inside the hair to prevent heat damage.

Use a protective serum to prevent heat damage

If you must use hair styling tools more often, consider protecting your hair from the high temperatures. Most hair styling tools use heat to force the hair to remain in a certain position and this heat can damage the hair because it takes away the moisture and burns the hair. Luckily for you and your hair, you can now enjoy the protective effect of serums and oils that seal the moisture inside the hair and offer it the necessary nourishment to handle the heat without suffering any damage.

Adjust the temperature according to your hair type

You mustn’t use the same heat temperature on every type of hair because that would take away all the moisture from your hair. Advanced hair styling tools come with adjustable heat settings that let you choose the right temperature for your hair type. Fine hair will require a lower temperature while coarse hair that is harder to tame will need a higher temperature. Keep this in mind and adjust the temperature on your hair styling tools next time you use them.