How to Prevent Golf Back Pain

Golf is one of the favorite sports in the USA. The increased popularity of this sport may be due the fact that technology is producing golf equipment which helps any golfer have an easier game. On the other hand, like any other sport, golf can produce several injuries to the back and spine. One of the most popular golf injuries is low back pain. Therefore, in the following lines, we will teach you how to prevent golf back pain.

Warm-up before any game

Proceeding directly to your game without a relevant warm-up is probably the surest way to sprain your back muscles and get a lower back pain. Therefore, it’s recommended to try warm-up before starting the game. With a few stretches and some easy swings, you will be ready for playing golf. Make sure that when you start stretching you have to focus the shoulder, hip regions, the hamstring muscles, and the torso. Moreover, you have to warm up the muscle groups. They should be prepared for the torque and torsion that a golf swing produces. However, once you have warmed-up all your muscles, they are less prone to being injured during a golf game.

Prevent low back pain by practicing swinging

The main purpose of a golf swing is to develop clubhead speed. By doing this a lot of torsion and torque is applied to the low back. As such, if you are a professional golfer, you have to emphasize a smooth swing, because this provides you with less stress and less low back pain. Moreover, by using a proper swing, your pelvis and shoulder will rotate to share the load of the swing.

Carrying the golf bag safely

If you love playing golf, you surely know how important can be a golf bag. This item keeps you everything safe, from the rangefinder and swing analyzer to extra clothing and other accessories. Due to different things that can be stocked into your golf bag, this item can become sometimes, very difficult to carry. Therefore, if you are thinking about carrying by your own the golf bag, you should know that repeated bending over to pick up a golf bag can lead to a muscle strain. As such, it’s recommended to use dual straps on the bag which will divide the weight across the back and reduce the risk of a back pain.