Indoor Factors that Trigger Your Allergies

You might think that you are safe indoors and that the only reasons of concern regarding your allergies remain the outdoor impurities. In fact, there are so many indoor factors that trigger allergies, that you can’t be certain that you are not better off outdoors. To make sure your house will be a safe and comfortable place for living, you need to detect the allergy triggers and find the best solutions to rid them. Here is how you can manage that.

Dirty bedding

Most allergies are triggered by dust mites that often gather inside your house and it is sometimes impossible to get rid of them for good because they hide in the most bizarre places. Dust mites are favored by darkness and moisture, which is why you will find them inside your bedding such as the mattress or the pillow. The thick layers of your bedding are the perfect environment for dust mites and the worst part is that you can easily get into contact with them by breathing, especially since your face lays on the pillow the entire night. To protect your airways, it is recommended to sleep on a bamboo pillow that is hypoallergenic and instantly repels any kind of impurity that might get on your pillow.

Polluted indoor air

Unfortunately, not even the air inside your house can be considered safe because there are many air pollutants that threaten your health and can cause allergies. From pet hair and dander to chemical odors, every air impurity can affect your breathing and can cause severe allergies and even asthma. You can discover that you are allergic to a cleaning product or that the new furniture emits some gases that worsen your allergies, so you need something to eliminate the odors and air impurities. The most efficient solution is the air purifier that filters the air and absorbs air impurities that could become dangerous for you. An air purifier with a HEPA filter can rid your house of 99.9% of the air pollutants so you can ease your allergy symptoms.

Scarce cleaning

If you often suffer from allergies, your house need to be cleaned with maximum care because you don’t know where dirt might hide. Your floors, in particular, need a thorough cleaning because dust bunnies can gather anywhere and you will not feel comfortable until you remove them. Dust bunnies are piles of dust, lint, pet hair and dander, dead skin cells, and unpleasant odors that usually gather on the floor and in dark corners that your vacuum cleaner can’t reach. For them, the best solution is the robot vacuum that is so small and compact that it can easily reach even the narrowest corner and remove even the smallest sign of dirt.