Negative Health Effects of High Indoor Humidity

Air humidity at home needs to be kept under control not only for comfort reasons but also to ensure a safe and healthy living environment. A home with humid air becomes impossible to live in because you start feeling hotter and you can have a hard time dealing with the excessive heat. If the air becomes too humid, you can start experiencing some health problems so you need to take immediate action in adjusting the humidity levels.

Humidity promotes the development of bacteria and fungus

When the indoor air becomes too humid, bacteria and spores start to develop at a higher rate because they love humid areas. High levels of air humidity promote the development of dangerous microscopic organisms that affect your health in many ways. The main issue is related to mold spores that thrive in humid places and can cause allergies. Mildew and mold often appears in rooms with excessive air moisture and once they take over your house, it can be very hard to rid them. Allergy sufferers can experience worsened allergy symptoms because mold is a dangerous allergen that causes severe allergy attacks.

You can experience breathing issues from high humidity levels

Humid air keeps you from breathing properly because your lungs can be affected by the excessive air moisture. A room with a high humidity level is not the most comfortable place to live in because it tempers with the health of the breathing system. Aside from simple breathing difficulties, you could also suffer from asthma, a serious problem that affects the respiratory system and become chronic with time. Black mold that appears as a sign of high humidity can even cause death once the lungs are affected in a dramatic way.

High humidity affects the way you sleep

Having to sleep in a room with excessive air humidity also alters the quality of your sleep as the discomfort level starts to increase. You can’t breathe at ease so your sleep is disturbed and you can’t manage to rest during the night, something that can lead to further health problems.
All the above are reasons enough for you to start looking for an efficient solution to get rid of the excess humidity, such as a dehumidifier that can handle the high humidity levels and adjust them so that you can start feeling at ease at home. Use the dehumidifier in any room of your house and manage to lower the air humidity levels so you can prevent the negative health effects of high indoor humidity.