Surprising Health Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine

If you are decided to improve your health, think about becoming one of those people who belong to a gym. Some regular rowing workouts which combine both cardio and strength training are a perfect option to improve your health and always be in a good shape. Keep on reading, if you want to find out more about the surprising health benefits of using a rowing machine.

Improves cardiovascular function

One of the greatest benefits of a rowing machine is that increases your heart rate and breath volume. In fact, it uses carbohydrates to provide you with energy during an intense training. When you perform on a rowing machine, you will maintain your heart rate of speed in order to get an aerobic state. Moreover, rowing is also good for the lungs. It engages each of your major muscle groups of your body. We all know that our bodies are so efficient, but when they are forced to work harder, they make physiologic changes so exertion can feel easier. Therefore, all you have to know is that rowing improves heart, lung, and circulatory system and it is the foundation of an effective workout routine.

Increases endurance and muscle strength

First of all, you need to know that muscular strength and endurance are two different things. Muscular strength is the force a muscle can produce with a single effort and it is measured during muscular contraction. On the other hand, muscular endurance is about how much weight a group of muscles can lift over time. As such, if you are thinking about performing on a rowing machine, you should know that you can increase both muscular endurance and muscular strength because your rowing workout consists of pushing and pulling against resistance. Additionally, your muscles will become stronger and your muscular endurance across muscle group will be improved by all these repeated exercises.

Weight loss

Nowadays, most people choose rowing because this activity burns calories rapidly and they want to lose weight. An intense rowing workout will burn about 380 calories in 30 minutes, for those people who weight about 150 pounds and about 277 calories for those under 100 pounds. Furthermore, regarding weight loss, a rowing machine will help you achieve your goals.