What are the Health Risks of Lead in Drinking Water?

Instead of helping you develop properly, the water you drink can cause you a lot of harm if it contains unwanted substances that damage your health condition. One of the water impurities you wouldn’t want to have in your drinking water is lead, a toxic metal that can pose a high risk to your health. Also known as lead poisoning, drinking water that contains lead is a serious concern and you must do everything you can to prevent such a situation in your house. At a closer look at the health risks of lead in your drinking water, you will realize the dangers you are exposed to.

Babies and small children can suffer severe brain damage

The major health risk of lead is in babies and small children who can suffer severe brain damage because lead affects the nervous system and stops the development of the brain. A baby’s formula should never be prepared with water suspected of containing lead because their nervous system is very fragile and the damage caused could be irreversible. There have also been cases in which pregnant women suffered a miscarriage due to lead-infested drinking water, and many cases in which babies were born with severe brain problems.

Lead can also affect the brain development of adults

Not only children are exposed to the heath risks of lead in drinking water but also adults can suffer from severe brain damage due to long-term exposure to lead. The main symptoms of lead poisoning are nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, followed by more severe effects like the loss of consciousness, problems in communicating or focusing, difficulties in coordinating reflexes, muscle pain, and numbness in the extremities.

Eliminate lead from the water with a water filter

Given how serious the issue of lead in drinking water is, you must take immediate action in solving this problem. Lead can get into your drinking water from the old pipes usually made of lead and since it is impossible to replace the entire plumbing, you need to make sure that the water that reaches your glass doesn’t contain any sign of lead. For this, you must use a water filter like the MultiPure MP1200EL that has the ability to remove lead from the water. This filter uses a carbon cartridge to eliminate lead from the water, it has a capacity-metered faucet that alerts you when it’s time to replace the filter, and comes with a lifetime warranty.